Addison has been holding her head up really well for a few weeks, so I decided to bust out EK’s old bumbo!

She lasted almost 10 minutes in it and the above eating utensils went into her mouth by big sister and struck a gum. Oops…bumbo time over. She appeared to like it though. She does like to sit up.

I haven’t mentioned on here before, but with Ella Kate I tried my darnedest not to introduce a pacifier. I gave in after 3 weeks and she loved it! So this time around I came to the hospital armed with several kinds of pacifiers…and I have been trying for almost 8 weeks now to get her to take one…she will spit it out and give you one awful look…like do that again and I will cut you type look! So I am thinking she won’t be taking a pacifier. I even tried the put it in your bra method and had no luck. Instead she sucks on her hand. She almost sucks her thumb, more sucking of the thumb knuckle cause she keeps her thumb tucked into her fist. I tried to help her get her thumb and she won’t un-clinch her fist. I think we have caught her sucking her thumb for a second maybe twice.

She has rolled over twice in the past week as well. Go girl!

After I took her out of the bumbo, Ella Kate did this:
and wanted me to take a picture! Good stuff! Ella Kate wrapped up her last day of camp last week…we have two weeks off before school starts. She spent last night at Mimi’s house with Anna Claire…first attempt at a slumber party with the cousins. It went pretty well, Mimi had to referee till 8:30 and they went to bed. Unfortch they woke up at 5:45…that was EK because she is an early riser, and I forgot to give Mimi MoMo, which is her alarm clock that lets her know when it is time to leave her room. I don’t think MoMo would have helped though. They were excited to have their first slumber party!

On a different note, our garden is nuts this year…we are starting to figure out what to plant and how many to plant…we have had an abundance of squash, zucchini, and cucumbers…we are pro at growing those. We are also sick of eating them as well. I have put up what I wanted and we are about done tending to the garden….the bugs usually hit it bad in August. We are being as green as possible with pest management…but let’s face it, the bugs usually win in August!

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