6 Weeks!

Well as of yesterday I am the proud owner of this 6 week old! Here she is waking up…no, I don’t put her on her tummy to sleep. I picked her up and put her back down like this to get my fancy old camera to take fuzzy terrible pictures. Yay.

She looks like some sort of bug in a cocoon…all warm and toasty.

And here she is unwrapped!

and here is the little old man enjoying some gym time. She is getting better and better at this whole being a baby type thing. Not too many screaming tummy fits, but she does have a few that rip into her pretty well.
Mimi made the taggy in her mouth for Ella Kate. Ella Kate has two of them and I asked if she could give one to Addison for her to have. She agreed and Addison loves it! She wraps her little fingers around it and shoves it in her mouth! EK didn’t show much interest in it, but she sleeps with it at preschool.

Addison has rolled over 5 times. The first week she was home she rolled over twice…and she has rolled over twice in the bed…and she rolled over in her gym today. Roll girl roll. Ella Kate was super duper late rolling over…she was super duper late in just about everything except talking, walking, and growing teeth. She cut her first at 6 months and had all baby teeth by 12 months.

What else is she up to…she is rapidly outgrowing her newborn clothes, she is still wearing newborn diapers. She is cooing and awing and smiling. She likes to watch her sister run around like a maniac. She doesn’t like her swing or bouncer too much. She would rather be carried around, which is not a whole lot of fun because she is so squirmy. She is easier to hold if she is in a blanket. She hold her head up very well when she is being carried or sitting…and she can hold it up pretty high and look from side to side when she is on her stomach.

Sleeping: We are getting there…I wake her up at 7 and she goes down for a nap around 8:45 – 9:15ish and sleeps till about 11 and I wake her up again. She can stay up for almost two hours and then goes down for another nap…for some reason I can’t get her to take a long afternoon nap too and she ends up taking another nap in the late afternoon…which just happened. Then she goes to bed at 7 and Michael or my mom has to go in there 2 or 3 times to get her settled and then she will sleep till about 12 or 1…and then usually to about 3 or 4 and wakes up at 7. Not too shabby, I will take it!

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