Around the house…

Ella Kate and I making cookies…she did most of the eating while I did most of the mixing.

Lounging…sporting some Calvin Klein hand-me downs.

Sleeping with her mouth open like her Dad…she outgrew these newborn onesies this week!

Sorta a first smile…

as previously mentioned many times…I have a super cheap camera that takes super slow pictures…she has smiled a good bit but I can’t get them captured with my camera. I have started a fund for one of those Nikon cameras…I think they just released a new one in June…Hopefully I can save up for one in time for the holidays.

You can def. get a good view of the bald head in that last picture…so fun! She has a new patch that is growing in, starting to feel more like velvet again rather than a bald head. Her eyes are more blue than they were before…not sure which way they will go…brown or blue.

She has good days and bad days. The medicine seems to help at some, she has trouble going to bed at night…and then she usually wakes up from 4 or 5 and has a little trouble going back to sleep. The afternoons and bedtime seem to be the worst times for her reflux…if that is what it is. The dr. said we should see a different baby in 2 weeks (1 week thus far)…we have seen a different baby for the morning and lunch hours…we need those after 3 or 4:00 hours to be a little happier, because that is when I am at my busiest.

This too shall pass.

One thought on “Around the house…

  1. Oh my heavens. I thought the first picture of Addison was a plastic baby doll at first. Maybe it's the smooth skin & vacant expression? I don't know! That cracks me up that it's Addison. 🙂

    That's crazy about the hair loss.

    I hope she is 100% happy soon. I'm praying for y'all.

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