Here is a little ditty…

Oh my word…I do not know what happened to my happy baby over the last two weeks, but something got a holt of her and the meanies came out. Like for real meanies. Dern. I am talking about non stop crying, upset, tears…make you wanna shakeurbebe crying.

We tried everything…rocking, swinging, holding, swaddling, excessive feeding, mylicon gripe water…crying it out…nothing.

After many tears on my part, I had enough. I called the nurse to talk to her and see if she would suggest us coming in. She did. I took her to see Dr. Scott yesterday and he said he was going to pull out the shotgun…so I replied, “Yes, her dad was about to pull out a shotgun last night.” Dr. Scott replied “I am talking about a shotgun of medicines”…I replied…oh, well I was not really serious…insert awkward moment there.

He gave her some drops for her stomach spasms…and he also noticed her smacking her lips which indicates reflux. She hasn’t vomited or spit up but twice…but the lip smacking means that she can tolerate the reflux and gross, swallow it.

She slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon. That in itself was an improvement. She fussed a little yesterday afternoon, but I think that was from being hungry.

Today though…wow. I hope I am not jinxing it, knock on wood…many many prayers, wow. She woke up happy…she started smiling, I heard her cooing and clicking her tongue. You know, stuff you would think babies do, besides screaming their heads off. Even Ella Kate said something about her…she said “look at that baby, she is making happy noises.”

It sure was making us sad around here. It was getting to Ella Kate, Michael, and had already beat me up pretty bad. So we are praying that we caught it all early, and the drops help her to be a happier camper. We sure need it!

Here is Ella Kate on her last day of swim class. She did pretty well, she was going under and swimming for the first week and then decided it was easiest to go under and walk across…not good.

Sleeping Addison

Addison has been so upset that she has scratched all the hair off the top of her head now. I will have to take a picture of her male pattern baldness. She looks funny!

Dad and EK before swimming show!

I haven’t been taking many pictures of the new kid because she was either screaming or sleeping…so I took pictures of her sleeping. I will start doing better at it!

One thought on “Here is a little ditty…

  1. Hey lady. So sorry to hear about the fits. 😦 I am praying that you have found the solution and it's over. God won't give you more than you can handle. It seems you can handle quite a bit. 😉

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