4 Weeks!!

Man Addison has been a nut today at 4 weeks! She slept good, woke up at 4 and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Michael went in at 5am to see what he could do…and left her at 6 with no luck. She finally dozed off to sleep and woke up at 8…and then went on a HUGE nap strike. I can’t stand it when little babies go on nap strikes…and then when you pick them up from the crib they start yawning…dern, makes me ill.

Michael messed with her the majority of the morning, and got her to sleep all of 10 minutes. Ella Kate and I went and ran some quick errands, then Michael left when we got home. I tried for another hour to get her to bed…to no avail. The last time she pooped and cried about that…I was FINALLY able to get her to sleep. Wow. I then remember EK doing the same thing every now and then.

We are currently watching Cars with Ella Kate…she loves to watch her some movies! Friday night is movie night at our house. We decided to do it early since Addison is still sleeping…and since we can’t go outside yet because it is too hot. So we will venture out when the movie is over.

Addison is holding her head up pretty well, maybe for about 15-20 seconds. Her second week of life she rolled over twice…front to back, but I have yet to see it again. That’s about all her tricks. She hates the little blue baby tub.

I have pictures to post, but they are currently being uploaded and it is taking a while because it has several videos too, so I will post some pictures when they are finished.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! No big plans here….movie night tonight…farmers market tomorrow, Michael’s family is coming over Sunday night for a low country boil, and Monday we are heading to Holly’s (who will be at Drew’s parents house) for swimming and grilling. I got lucky, Michael has a 4 day weekend…he has more “Americans” working for him and they wanted to holiday off. This greatly helps me out!!


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