Three weeks old!

Good grief! I can’t believe how fast time flies…I knew it was fast with EK around, but geesh its even crazier with two around!

Addison is doing well…at her first dr. appt she weighed 7 pounds…and her second dr. appt. she weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and grew an entire inch. The dr. was madly impressed since she is strictly breastfed. The dr. was also impressed that her cord fell off within a week. I was shocked too, EK’s stuck around for what seemed like a month. I lifted Addison’s gown to change her and there it was, stuck to it. Gross. Anyways, Grow girl grow…fit into those three month old clothes we got you…and size one diapers that I went nuts with. I am waiting another month or so and we are going to try her out in cloth diapers. Yay! I am excited and I hope I like them. I have bought a few different ones to try from and to see which ones work…and then I am going to make the decision about what to use on her. Sorry Holly, I know you are anxiously awaiting the outcome.

She had a bit of fussy periods this past week…thankfully they were all in the pm hours instead of the early am hours. I have been alternating her on Gripe Water, and Mylicon…neither of which did anything for EK…but seem to be helping Addison…so praying that continues, it sure makes life a little easier when that kid gets her gas out. I am also starting her on some probiotics…I am a believer in those…EK is on them for her asthma mess. We go back to the dr. in about another month.

Speaking of EK, she is truly enjoying being a big sis! She picks out her outfit and pjs everyday…helps with her bath…and even tries to feed her by lifting up her shirt…no no sweet EK, that’s a mom thing. She said something crazy on the way home from swim lessons last week….Addison was crying and she said something like, I am going to get you home, feed you with my nipple, and you can go night night. I bout wet my britches! She is also very concerned when Addison is crying…and would like for her to stop almost immediately when she starts up. As would I, but that doesn’t always work out.

My mom went home last Thursday…and we have been on our own since. I am starting to gain confidence and a schedule of some sort. We have had difficulties with EK, she is afraid of us leaving her…and not knowing when we are coming back. We are working on it. She has had a meltdown EVERY DAY at camp. Today was our first day with just the three of us dropping her off. She didn’t cry…Addison did though, she didn’t like the rain. I was hesitant at going at first, since it was my first day…and it was raining. But we managed. I put my sling on, then a raincoat, then got the baby in the sling…then got EK out and we ran to the building. Done. One of our friends gave us a radical sling that her friend makes and I can see it being a life saver…I am SO over carrying that car seat around all ready…and the baby only weighs 8 poundish. But it looks like we will make it as a family of 4…I hope. Addison might just be a little tougher, as she might have to cry a little bit more while I tend to bigger people. But in the end, we will make it!

I have pictures to load…but for now I will leave you with Addison’s newborn pictures that my dear friend Marilyn took when she was 1 week old to the day. She was alert the first half of the session…and then started fussing. I fed her and she passed out like a champ. Yay! Thanks Marilyn!

Look at those guns!

The next two are definitely my top fave! It was the last pose we did, and it turned out beautifully!

I am thinking I am going to have two brown eyed girls on my hands. Addison’s hair looked curly when she was born…and when it gets wet it curls a little…I am still hoping for one of mine to have my curly hair…I think the blue eyes are out!

Pooped out!

Love the legs up in the air! Look at those tiny rolls…one day they will be big and fat!

So pretty! You can see the album in its entirety here. Thanks again Marilyn!! I am so glad you are documenting these times in our lives! My blog cuts pictures off, so click the picture and you can see the whole thing..or just do a slideshow on the flickr account.


3 thoughts on “Three weeks old!

  1. Let me know what you find out with the cloth diapering. That's what we're planning to use. I've heard good things about gDiapers and Bum Genius, but that it also depends on the size/shape of the baby.

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