Headin home!

Funny story about trying to go home. I was released Monday, only on the terms that I would pass some gas. TMI I am sure…but Michael was ready to go home and finally after lunch and some weird maneuvers…I passed my test. He waited and waited all day for me to do so…and when we got all our papers, he went to pack up the car…and noticed that our car key was no longer on the key ring…the clicker thing was, but no car key. After going through every bag, drawer, and nook and cranny…we called around to have someone go to our house and get the spare…finally…we were on our way home!

In the car seat.

Sporting her going home outfit from Mimi…monogrammed too!

Passed out like a champ in the car!

Mom shot!

Dad shot!

Getting ready!

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