Ella Kate meeting Addison

Look how cute Michael is with all his little ladies!


Monkey see Monkey do…Addison stuck her tongue out…EK stuck her tongue out!

Ella Kate is doing AWESOME with her little sister. She is concerned for her, helps bathe her, plays with her, gives her blankies, toys, and “reads” books to her. She is definitely a big help to me as well! Thankfully there has been no jealousy issues or anything of that nature regarding the new baby….us on the other hand…different story.

EK started preschool camp last week and was in hysterics when we dropped her off. I think she is sad because she didn’t go to her old classroom, she has new teachers, and her name plate for bags etc. doesn’t have a hook. I talked with her several times about moving up a grade and how we have different teachers each year. She really wants her old teachers back…but that’s just not possible! I didn’t go with her the first day of school…so we thought that might be it too…and I went with her on the second day of school and basically had to push her in the classroom after peeling her off my leg…then I walked out…I was almost in tears too. I tried to fight it as best I could and managed to maintain control. She is fine after about 10 minutes. Thursday when she got home she said she wasn’t going to cry at camp anymore…I know she is having fun and loving it!

My mom took her to gymnastics Wednesday and for a makeup Friday…she was in hysterics Wednesday and one of her fave coaches had to hold her most of the session. They eventually called my mom in to help with her. Friday she was about to cry again, and my mom went in there. Hopefully we can get over these little bumps and get back into the groove of things. Hopefully.

She starts swimming lessons Monday and that lasts 2 weeks. Holly is having an instructor come to her house and teach AC and EK some basics…speaking of swimming…check these out!

These two love going off the diving board!

Adult swim…kids resting!

After swimming Dora action!

Dead Sexy.

How to wear a toddler and yourself out in no time flat.

I am not sure what happened…but it seems that EK has grown in size since I had Addison. She seems thicker and more muscular to me…at first I thought it was because I was holding a 6 pound baby and EK just seemed bigger, but even my mom said something about her clothes fitting better…and I believe she did go through a growth spurt at Mimi and Papa’s house. She seems so much bigger to me now!

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