Addison Grace Poole

entered this world on June 3rd, 2011 at 12:39 p.m. weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20″ long.

She is another one of God’s beautiful creations and I feel very honored and proud to be her mama.

She came out with some hair, not as much as EK’s and a good set of lungs on her! She has dark dark eyes, which I am thinking will be brown like big sis…and she has both EK’s and Michael’s coloring…I am tickled to have two brown little girls and husband…with their pasty white and freckly mama.

I could not have asked for an easier pregnancy, and even better a highly organized birth. Everything went according to plan. No set backs or anything, I was on the table at high noon. I got the epidural at 12:15 and she was born at 12:39. What a blessing. I sure am counting them!

We did have a slight delay in the epidural/spinal this time. For the past week or so my back was killing me, it was my lower spine, near the bum area…she was doing something or positioned somehow that was thisclose to making me cry. I had to have them wait about 10 minutes for the pain to go away…we would soon learn that she had her neck arched and that was indeed her head tapping my spine.

Recovery has been so smooth this time around. I was able to eat a liquid diet Friday night and full out food on Saturday. I was able to get out of the bed and move around just a little bit Saturday. I am so glad to not have to prick my finger to check my sugars and to be off the iron pills. Double bleh!

Addison has this awesome cry that ends up with a high pitched squeal at the end of it. It makes us laugh! She is doing well, eating well, sleeping well…minus having some fits between 8-12 at night…after that fit passes, she sleeps from about 1-6 or 7.

We went to the dr. for her one week check up yesterday and she is weighing in at 7 pounds and still 20″ long. We took her on a small shopping spree yesterday because I bought mostly 3 month clothes for her, and well, they are too big. EK came out full blown baby…and Addison is a small thing! So I got her a a couple of outfits to last until she can get into the 3 month clothes! I know 7 pounds isn’t that tiny, but compared with EK she is. And she looks like it too!

Anyway…to the good part…pictures!

39 Weeks pregnant, 2 hours before hospital arrival.

Pre-Op room…game time…t-minus 5 minutes.

New Dad…with his garb on!

Addison Grace Poole…7 lb. 9 ozs.

Meeting my angel for the first time.

ICU…finishing two IV bags of stuff before heading to recovery.

20″ long. EK was 20.5″


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