Ella Kate’s special Day…aka Diva Day!

Holly…you might not want to read this post, it might make you throw up in your mouth.

I remember back when all our friends didn’t have kids and we would sit around with our adult beverages and talk about our future kids…what we wanted, how many etc. I wanted two little boys.

I am so thankful for my two little girls and could not imagine my life without their precious faces. Little girls are sooo much fun.

I wanted to make this day special for Ella Kate as she is heading to my parents house tonight. So for my last day with my only child…we made the best of it!

Since I am large and in charge and it got Memphis hot outside already, I am pretty much limited as to what we could do together. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided she would love to get her hair did, and a manipedi. She loved every minute of it and her “stylist” could not believe how well behaved she was. She sat still through the whole thing and oohed and aahed over it all! She came out of the salon as one big ball of glitter. Love it! On a side note, I have been cutting EK’s hair for two years now and the stylist was impressed with my skills, she asked if I had cut hair before and I said no, just hers and I shave Michael’s head. She said I was doing a good job! Yay! I do need new scissors though!

Getting a blow out!

Ella Kate’s first manicure! The band-aid is from her allergy shot.

She chose pink polish thank goodness…they had some awful colors!

Chillin while getting her toes did!

Showing me her rainbow they painted on her finger.

Glitter stars on her face!

After we finished up at the salon, we had a few more errands to run. Then we headed to the mall and I surprised her with a build-a-bear treat. She chose a dalmatian, we have been reading 101 dalmatians. She put a bark sound in it, gave it a bath, picked out over-alls, and a red bandanna. We made his birth certificate, exactly one day older than Addison Grace. It took her a while to name him, and she decided on Spotty. She was thrilled with the whole build-a-bear idea!

She gave him a bath after he was made!

Checking to see if his bump bump was beating!

Putting his bones in!

Course, then again there isn’t much this girl doesn’t like!

After the mall, we headed to McCalister’s for lunch where she dined on grilled cheese, chips, and a chocolate chip cookie. She could not wait to go home and sleep with her new dog!

She is currently taking a nap. When she wakes up, we have to finish packing her up and wrap her presents she is giving to Addison. Then we are meeting up with Dad at IHOP for some pancake action and then to Yogurt Mountain for some tasty treats! Then its off to Mimi and Papa’s house!

She definitely had a ball today, and she kept saying thank you for everything and that she loved me. It has definitely been a memorable day for both of us!

So this time tomorrow, two kids. How bout them apples!

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