Addison’s Room

Well, if you recall, back last year we weren’t sure if or when we would have another chitlin…so I turned EK’s nursery into a guest room with black, green, and white color combo. I didn’t buy much of anything for it, just used stuff I had on hand. So when we decided to go ahead and try for no. 2…I decided that I was going to keep the same color scheme and run with it…worked out even better when we found out it was another girl.

It turned out well I think, and it is a very mature nursery in my opinion…she will transition easily into a big girl bed. So here it is!!

This is the only piece of furniture I bought…with the crib and the other bookcase, it was a touch unbalanced. I had a gift card to Target and purchased the new white bookcase. I also got another lamp to go in the room. Everything else on the shelf was stuff I had laying around…or had been mine growing up.
I looked and looked for a huge letter A and EK and I were doing some light browsing in downtown Arlington one day and found a store that did these big letters. Perfect. Black and white bedding theme came from Kohl’s…dirty dirty cheap! I used EK’s old mobile…short lived anyway!
Bedding shot…that little zebra is from the Llama llama books.
I was using the base of this bookcase as a nightstand in the guest room. This piece of furniture was actually being used as a make shift china cabinet in our dining room. My parents gave me the real china cabinet last summer…so I moved this one in this room. We decided to put the hutch back on for books, knickknacks, and whatnots. When Ella Kate moved into her room I gave her the majority of my Madame Alexander dolls. Three dolls, bigger ones, were remaining. So I am giving those to Addison. My parents went to Germany many many moons ago and brought me the middle doll back. The other two are ballerinas, because I was in ballet. Again, everything else was used around the house at some point or another.

Rocking chair action…Christmas present from my parents for my college apartment. My mom made the pillows, curtains, and the table cloth…you can see the curtains and table cloth in this and the previous picture…I took a picture of the whole window area but the lighting was terrible.
The white picture frame next to the window is going to be her hospital door hanger…sweet and simple!

Here is the dresser. My mom got me the mirror when it was a guest room. The piece of furniture was actually in both guest rooms at some point or another, and it was in the attic for a little bit too. The tray was one of my projects…the one where I was attacked by a dog and messed it up. I put a piece of plexiglass on it to protect the fabric. Everything else, just stuff I used around the house!
Here is her bulletin board and shelf. I will fill the shelf with pictures whenever she is here, and I have time.
That’s about it! Ella Kate has loved going in there and looking around, she recognizes some things that are hers. I told her we are letting Addison have them because she has no need for them anymore. Ella Kate also says she likes her room better, because its pink and green.

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