We Pooles are absolutely CRAZY!!

I think most pregnant people that are a week away from meeting their newest baby might go through a nesting stage….

Oh no not me. If you recall, we had a massively huge project on our hands before Ella Kate rolled in. We were in the process of finishing off 500 sq. ft. of our house. We finished that one just in time…and we only got the internet days before she arrived.

Well this time…again instead of nesting, we decided to go with one more huge demo on our house. We had hardwood floors installed in our bedroom and living room this past Thursday and Friday. Holy cow! I was not expecting the mess it made. I spent Thursday at the kitchen table working and Wayne (installer) started ripping up the carpet and then sanding the foundation, I almost pooped my pants when I saw the HUGE dust cloud it created. My initial reaction was OMG we are going to end up in the ER with a GINORMOUS asthma attack. Luckily EK was at school. I kept her room tightly locked and turned her purifier up to full blast. She ended up not napping at school, so she was out of the mess an additional 2 hours. We spent the rest of the day upstairs.

Ole Wayne got almost finished with the living room and called it quits. Our living room has many many random angles and corners.

All three of us were home Friday, rare rare occasion. Michael and I both worked upstairs and EK played and watched some shows while he finished the rest. They look awesome and we are SO pleased with them! When Wayne first showed up he asked where he should start and I told him that the estimator thought we could feather the existing hardwood into the new hardwood…so he busted out the new hardwood and there is the slightest difference. I didn’t even notice it until he turned on every single light and showed me. So he left the tbar and feathered it from that. He said we might really notice it if he did blend it…so he gave us his professional opinion and we just decided to start it new. It looks fab!

We let EK take her afternoon nap and we dropped her off at my parents house for the night so Michael and I could celebrate our 7th anniversary. Our anniversary is June 12, but as we know…knew kid on the block. So we did it early. We had a splendid time, and I am not sure when the last time Michael and I actually spent quality time together. We went and saw Hangover 2 (hilarious) and then went to Owen Brennan’s for steaks. Before the movie, I was texting Amanda and I asked what they were doing that night and she said going to Yogurt Mountain! I wanted to go to TCBY after Brennan’s for some yogurt and after reading about Yogurt Mountain we decided to go there…and bonus, we met up with Mark and Amanda and had some delicious yogurt! I am definitely going back for some more cake batter yogurt with the EKer before Addison is here! So GOOD! and that place was packed….wall to wall!

Anyways…so we have been talking for about 2 years, about hardwood floors. We got a quote about a year and a half ago and it was pretty steep. Then I called back in April, and wanted to know the name of what they priced, so we could shop around. The lady then told me that the price had dropped around $1500.00. We chewed on that for a while. We then decided that we would install it ourselves. A couple of weeks went by, and a groupon came out for the store, making the price even cheaper. I sat on the idea of installing ourselves about 2 weeks ago, and decided that this was one project we didn’t need to do ourselves. So we bit the labor bullet and had someone else install…because I didn’t feel like having the house tore up for a month…and Michael doesn’t have the time for it…it is our busy season afterall.

So voila…

No rugs yet…might wait until winter, when Addison is a little bit more mobile. Plus I am not sure in what direction rug wise I want to go. I also love just having the wood floors for now! I don’t want to cover them up! I ran across some huge floor pillows (third picture) at costco for dirty cheap. They are indoor outdoor floor pillows. I saw them many years ago and wished I had got some of them…I think I spent the first two years of EK’s life on the living room floor. Michael liked them so they are keepers!

I woke up at 4 am this morning rolling around in the bed and decided to get up and start cleaning. Michael woke up at 6 am and joined the party. We got the whole house spic and span and we are officially ready for Addison’s arrival! I have never cleaned the house like that…but with that cloudy mess, we didn’t have a choice!

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