Second to the last update….

So…I guess its time to update some folks!

We have scheduled Addison’s arrival…June 3rd, high noon. My dr. and I both hate the time…I am on a waiting list for an earlier time slot. I guess my dr. is the one that had the most trouble with it, because it messes up her day and she doesn’t get to eat lunch…and I won’t get to eat until maybe that night? I am not sure how that works, eating after surgery. Woot!

We have been talking to EK about how we will be going to the hospital etc. I have shown her all the pictures from her birth…hoping it helps out seeing me hooked up to machines and what not…meeting a tiny baby sister. Only time will tell how the ole big sister will react. And good grief that was painful looking at those nasty pictures of swollen Claire. Man I hope nothing like that happens again. What not fun. So far so good, blood pressure is normal, weight gain is good, very little swelling. I looked over this blog from the past pregnancy weeks and by this time, I had retired the wedding rings.

Speaking of ole big sister…Ellers is currently at her last day of preschool…it is funny trying to explain everything to her…why its the last day of school, why she will have new teachers at summer camp, and in the fall. She has had a big two weeks at school…they had a luau that turned into a bike riding party because the weather dropped below 70…and this week they had a big pizza party and moon bounce. She has had an absolute ball at her school this year!

We have one huge week left of stuff to do before we check in to have us a kiddo. I am still working about 60 hours a week…trying to get as much over time as possible. I am going to try and work as much as I can after Addison is here…I will probably just have to cut back on Michael’s plans.

Anyhoo…the nursery is finished, but currently housing a bunch of stuff for a project we are currently involved in…I will have pictures of those when I get the house back to normal!!


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