Ella Kate’s bucket list…

Ella Kate’s bucket list (stuff to do before Addison arrives) is winding down. I wanted to spend yesterday with her doing special things…it was raining Friday morning and I wanted to take her to the zoo again…but the rain put a damper on us, and I was semi-sorta glad that we didn’t go. I had a huge day of flowers Thursday morning and my feet and ankles were killing me. For real. I spent all of Friday in my compression socks. They feel much better, but I can definitely tell that the weight is starting to get to my lower half. I haven’t gained all that much, maybe 14 pounds…but still…on top of severe ankle injuries, my right ankle can’t take much. Oh and from the sonogram I had on Monday, her estimated weight is 5lbs. 14oz. 30th percentile.

So after failed zoo attempt, I told EK we were going somewhere super special after her nap…well first we went to get her allergy shot because we haven’t been able to do so in two weeks because of pneumonia and temperature…so after that we packed it up and headed to….

Ella Kate’s first movie in the theater!

Oh yeah, I took a picture of her outside with the movie poster…we went and saw Rio, it was cute! She LOVED everything about it! The concessions, sitting in the stadium seats, the movie, the atmosphere, and especially the POPCORN! She ate the majority of a medium sized popcorn…I stopped eating it after while and tried to save some, but she wanted more…so I had to eat the last of it because I started thinking her stomach might start hurting!

Look at this face!


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