Happy Mother’s Day!!!

The first picture is my fave! Good stuff! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out yonder…near and far!

and yes Holly, this picture was from 3 years ago and you wore the same skirt…so I guess you are correctomundo!

Man, I looked at that ticker again on my blog and I started to sweat a little bit. It’ll be here before I know it. Two kids. I am getting fairly miserable. My ribs hurt so bad that I try and push her down out of them. I can’t wait to get those back to normal. I can’t stand for long periods of time…and our flowers are dragging by. I think I have two more weeks, which is going to be hard on me. My hip makes an awesome popping noise when I walk. The reason for our flowers dragging is because of the weather, it has been cool and wet…and the flowers aren’t growing correctly. Bummer for me. We ran into Don at Lowe’s this morning and he said lets knock them out this week…I said I was game for that last week. But the grower won’t release the flowers yet. Boo.

Ella Kate is getting a little better, she had a little bit of a fever this morning. I wanted to go to church for Mother’s Day…so she went to big church with us and she did okay. By the time we ran our errands it was below normal. Ella Kate got me a beautiful necklace, I will have to take a picture of it…it has three tags, one with her name on it, one with Addison on it, and the other one says I love you to the moon and back. After we ran errands, I came back and did laundry, watered the garden, and worked on some Adsit stuff. I am waiting on her to wake up so we can go to my sister’s new house and celebrate my parent’s birthdays and my mom’s mother’s day. Our plans were interrupted this weekend due to pneumonia. We were suppose to have Michael’s mom over Friday night…and then we wanted to do my parent’s stuff Saturday night (Michael thought he was working his catering job, but ended up not doing it)…and then we would have the day to ourselves. But we decided to do my parent’s tonight and we postponed his parents till sometime next week.

I haven’t decided if EK is going to school tomorrow, she is still coughing and had a bit of a rough night last night…and her school knows she has pneumonia…So I am thinking she might miss one more day…and if she does, she gets to see her Addison on TV tomorrow (for the u/s). I hope she gets better quick, school is almost out and I hate for her to miss out on the fun!!

Anyways!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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