Update in a Nutshell.

I don’t remember Ella Kate being this active. I have one active Addison rumbling, boxing, and kicking in my middle area. I am not sure if this baby ever sleeps either. Not good. Anyways…I went to the dr. last week…and will start to go every week after this next week. I am having one more sonogram for the diabetes mess…and that will be at 35 weeks. Also, we are scheduling the c-section for June 3rd that day…hoping to get an early a.m. surgery. Woop! I gained a pound over two weeks…still good. I have gained a total of 12 pounds…hopefully I can stay under 20, that’ll be easy to loose! Blood pressure and protein in the urine look great, those are the two things to watch in toxemia…still no swelling, I wear compression socks daily and feel they have helped tremendously. Sometimes I wear them while sleeping too. Good stuff.

Nursery is coming along…I think I have everything I will need. My mom has the curtains and tablecloth almost finished and I will post some pictures of the new nursery after those are finished.

I started planting last week…I must say it is a world harder being 8 months pregnant than 7 months pregnant. I can’t walk as much and I definitely can’t bend over. I was 7 months pregnant with EK when I planted fall flowers. We finished week 1 and 2 and have weeks 3 and 4 left. Getting there.

I woke up yesterday with some major congestion. Ella Kate woke up this morning chipper and EARLY…and I was going to suck it up and I told her I had a surprise for her…I was going to take her to the zoo. As soon as I got ready and told her we needed to get her ready she immediately started crying. She complained that her stomach hurt. Then proceeded to cry for 2 hours. I took her temperature, 102.7 and noticed that she had the chills. I rocked her, (which is incredibly fun with a big bump) gave her some meds, and put her to bed for 2 hours…a morning nap! She woke up and felt better, still had a fever. We had to go to Kroger so I could get my diabetes refill and something for my cold…and the farmer’s market. She perked up, but when we got home, melted down again. She ate very little and I put her to bed again…another 2 hour nap…those were the days! She is now watching Chicken Little and has started complaining again. So we have both had a pretty miserable day.

With all the rain, we have kept ourselves entertained with movies, games, craft projects…and


and bowling!

She loves to bowl…and has recently requested nightly games of hungry hungry hippos!

Well my time is up, she is crying and wants to be rocked…and Chicken Little is over!

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