Easter!! Part 3!

We told Ellers we would do a real Easter egg hunt, one that involved actual Easter eggs…and an actual hunt instead of them being thrown out in the yard. She thought it was fun…when she got to her first egg she asked “What’s inside?” I said egg…and she put it in her mouth. There was touch of disappointment in her face…and she wanted to eat a real egg…I told her she could when she was all finished with her hunt.

So…here we are…a real Easter Egg Hunt!

Here she is with all her eggs! Check out our beautiful Double Red Knockout roses…this is by far one of my favorite shrubs…ever!

and here she is eating her egg…She didn’t eat the yolk. Just the white part. I myself am not a hard-boiled egg gal. I used the rest of the eggs in egg salad. Yummers!

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