Arlington Hunt

Last Saturday morning we woke up and planted our spring annuals, one of my faves, Sunrise Rose Lantana…I used it all over our properties this year. You can see tons of it at IP Poplar and Laurelwood Shopping Center if you frequent those places…this is the first year that we let Ellers help. She helped by pulling out the existing pansies and then she would hand me the lantana and I would take it out of the pot and hand it to Michael to plant…I am not a fan of bending over these days.

After we planted, we got a little cleaned up and headed downtown for the egg hunt. EK finally got it this time…run as fast as you can and fill up your basket with eggs…I didn’t have to help at all this round…and the weather was gorgeous!

Runnin to the eggs!


Game face!

Hey look…the three of us! Wow!

Gettin eggs! Check out the Dora undies…she bout lost her skirt. The kid is in 3T-4T tops, and 2T bottoms are too big on her…she is still wearing 18-24 month bottoms!

She was super excited for this hunt, there was no limit to how many eggs you collected!

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