Pre-Easter Happenings…and a styling moment.

We gave Ella Kate a little pretend makeup kit for Valentine’s Day this year. It came with a flat iron, blow dryer, mirror, comb, clips, and makeup etc. She likes to “do you up” every so often…and this time she “did her big girl self up.” So here she is…all dooded up!

This past weekend was outrageously busy. I got an email from Don (owner of Adsit) that we would push for next Thursday as the start date of my planting season. We want to knock them out because of my state. I was planning on working a bunch in the nursery this weekend and then tackling the upstairs the following weekend. My mom is coming to stay with us during my planting season to watch the kiddo. So I had to bust a move on the upstairs! My parents came over Friday afternoon and we got everything hung in the nursery and got things where they needed to go. The nursery is about 95% finished. All it lacks is a valance on the curtain and a table cloth for the table. I have a few random knick-knacks to figure out…but for the most part…its good to go!

We started out super early on Saturday. I looked outside when I woke up and noticed how ugly it was…went outside and discovered that it was cold and windy. Boo. We had a big morning planned…soccer practice at 8 am, Easter Egg hunt at church at 10 am…followed by strawberry picking. After soccer, we decided just to go pick up already picked strawberries, and then booked it to the church…we raced through it too because it was super cold!

EKer and the Easter Bunny!

Pickin-up eggs with fatty!

EK and Cousin AC…Anna Claire would not look at the camera, we think she was a little freaked out by the bunny!

More eggs!

Cousins before the hunt!

Lordy that smile!
More fatty and EK!

We took the eggs home and I got some more out that I had on hand and we have been having daily Easter egg hunts in the house and backyard. I got an Easter egg dying kit and some eggs today and told Ella Kate we were having an old fashioned, boring Easter Egg hunt…where you actually have to hunt them, and there is no candy inside. I think she will like the dying part, I haven’t done that with her yet.

The Easter bunny is coming to her school this week…once today and again tomorrow. They are having a party and a hunt Thursday. Saturday we are going to Arlington’s Easter Egg Hunt. Then Sunday is Easter and we are going to my parent’s house Sunday afternoon!

What else…we are planting our garden either tomorrow night or Saturday…its suppose to rain a bunch this we would like to get it done tomorrow. Then my life gets super crazy…4 weeks (or less) of some serious flower planting…at 33 weeks pregnant! Woo!!

Happy Easter Week!!

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