33 week Update

As you know, I have gestational diabetes. I have been monitoring blood sugar levels 4x daily. I went to my OB a couple of weeks ago and since my sugar levels have been below normal, I am now only required to monitor them twice daily. I was hoping to get out of the diabetes counseling, but she still wanted me to go.

I was quite huffy in the waiting room because I didn’t want to be there. Not to mention the fact that I had to wait in an empty waiting room for an hour. But, to my surprise…I got to have an ultra-sound. They wanted a close look at how the baby is growing and how the placenta and amniotic levels look. All look perfect. The lady who did the sonogram said it was a blessing because she hardly gets to see good looking u/s. She was surprised that I had GD…she said most of the women are 3 times the size of me and their babies are gigantic.

Anyways, she did most of the u/s in 4D, which I have never had before. We were in there for about an hour and she was explaining to me everything that was going on…apparently there are numerous concerns for the well-being of the baby. Addison’s estimated weight is 3 pounds 7 ounces…and she has her final weight at 7lbs 4 oz. She is currently 32nd percentile, which is perfect for a mom with GD. Our amniotic fluids are perfect. If there is too much, they have to take away, if there is too little, they have to take the baby. So they are happy with the way she looks, a perfect, HEALTHY, little girl. Praise the lord. Amen.

So hopefully all will stay that way. I actually ended up loosing 2 pounds because of the diet. But my OB said she kinda expected that…and she doesn’t expect me to gain but about 4 more baby pounds. That would be just fantastic. I will have routine u/s now to monitor the fluid levels and to make sure AGP is growing normal. I start going to the dr. every two weeks now and will have another big u/s with the high risk clinic May 10th.

Also, June 3rd has been penciled in as the official DD. She has to schedule them three weeks out and we agreed on that date. Yay!!

Allow me to introduce to you…32 weeks gestational…Addison Grace in 4D.

From what I see, she is following in EK’s foot steps…chubby cheeks (Mimi) and pouty lips (Michael). She wouldn’t move that dern hand so we couldn’t see her entire face.

Amen for healthy babies.

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