Super Bulldog Weekend!

Our original plans included going down to Starkville early Saturday morning and spend the night at a hotel off campus. When I made the reservation I also put our name on the waiting list for Butler Hall, which is the alumni hotel that is situated an arm’s length from the football stadium.

Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from Butler and they had a cancellation for Saturday night…and we took it. They then called back and asked if we would want Friday night too, and we took that as well. It was really nice and for the two nights we stayed, it was the cost of one night at the hotel off campus…SCORE! So we now know to see if we can get in the alumni hotel for future trips.

We left Arlington Friday afternoon, got into Starkville, got checked in and unloaded to car and headed to the Lodge for some MSU paraphernalia. Ella Kate didn’t have shirt that fit her this year, so we picked her up a t-shirt and a cheerleading outfit Then we mosied around town to see what all had changed and to find a place to eat. We ended up at Mugshots, downtown. Delicious fried pickles and a blue cheese burger!! I knew my diet would be shot this weekend! We left Mugshots and ran into an old classmate downtown and chatted with him for a while. We were back at the hotel around 8:30 and got EK settled in for the night. The gal gets super excited about sleeping in hotels.

Saturday we woke up early, got dressed and headed out for breakfast. We knew we couldn’t move the car because the campus was about to go nuts for the day. We went to Perry cafeteria for breakfast. Michael and I ate dinner there every night during the week with out meal plan cards. The cafeteria was the BOMB! The food was so good and the selection met everyones needs. Well, a few years ago, it got bought…and is now in fact, not that good. Everything was fake food…even a bagel tasted bad. So that was a huge disappointment. After breakfast, we walked around campus and showed Ella Kate some high lights like the drill field, the Union, Chapel of Memories, and the new bookstore. We picked Ella Kate and Addison up little cowbells for future use. We decided to go back to the hotel and rest before the big games. We helped Ella Kate decorate her cow bell and watched a couple of shows and rested our dogs.

Soon it was time to walk to the baseball game. MSU was playing no. 4 ranked Florida that day. We beat them Friday night and were MURDERED by them Saturday. It was 10-o by the third inning and we left. The result of the game…18-nil Florida. Terrible! Ella Kate enjoyed popcorn and nachos at the baseball game. She thought it was fun, but it started to get hot and she got bored pretty quickly. After the game, we made the big hike back to the hotel and all three of us were able to take a 2 hour nap. After the nap we went to the Union and mowed down some pizza and headed to the stadium. It was the Maroon vs. White spring football game, which they have every year. The Maroon team won. Ella Kate enjoyed seeing the football game in real life…and was impressed with the most outrageous jumbo-tron. That thing is so big that it shades the grass on part of the field and is wearing it thin. During the game, Ella Kate got a taste of her first Strawberry shaved ice…and then proceeded to mow down Michael’s boiled peanuts. We stayed for the whole game. EK got to meet Bully the Bulldog, which she was a little unsure of, but talked non-stop about him after meeting him. After the game, we dropped some stuff off at the hotel, and picked up some chairs and went to the amphitheater to hear Robert Randolph play. Ella Kate and Michael had a ball dancing around and rolling down the hills. We ended up not hearing Robert Randolph because it got to be really late and I was pooped and Ellers was fading fast. We left at 9:40. We heard two bands from the New Orleans area that were pretty good. I gave EK a bath and she was fast asleep in the bed.

Sunday we woke up and got ready and took a few more pictures around campus and ate breakfast and headed back to Memphis. It was a super fun weekend and I am glad we got to experience it with Ella Kate. She rocked a solid 4 hour nap when we got home! I can’t wait to take our kids back!

Now to the pictures…in complete and total randomness…

Ella Kate with her newly decorated cowbell.

My beautiful cheerleader at the football game!

Mom and Ellers

Ella Kate and Bully

Ella Kate and I enjoy making this face at each other.

Ella Kate and the LA sign.
Dad and EK at the baseball game.

Dad and EK at the football game.

Baseball game.

Dad and Ella Kate at the Chapel of Memories.

The football team dancing before the game!

Ella Kate and the old chapel bell.

This was new statue…no idea.

Mom and Ella Kate with the Bully statue…I have the same picture with my dad and I when I was little.

Ellers and Bully

Ellers and the President’s statue on the drill field.

In front of the Swalm building.

Mom and Ella Kate at Perry for breakfast.

Dad and EK at Mugshots.

EK on the drill field.

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