Project Updates

We have been super busy around these parts the past few weeks…I am now working around 50 hours a week from the house which is fantastic! But it leaves little time for getting things done around the house.

So far we have:

  • springafied our landscaping
  • planted the vines for the arbor
  • replaced shrubs we had lost
  • moved the guest bed to the attic
  • moved all baby crud into the playroom for cleaning
  • prepared soil for garden planting in about two weeks
  • stained the deck

And another huge cross off….we got the carpets cleaned…Ella Kate and the cat LOVED it! Not that they were cleaned, but that the rooms were mostly empty!

She woke up and walked into the living room and said “Oh no!” and then ran crazy for a few hours…running, jumping, and turning flips…she had a great time! So did the cat!

Not much going on this week, just the usual…work, school, etc. This weekend we are heading to Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend…we have tickets to baseball games (MSU vs Florida) and the Maroon and White football game…and Robert Randolph is putting on a free show at the amphitheater. We are pretty excited to show EK our school…and spending some QT together as a family!

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