Addison’s Room Updates

After getting the carpets cleaned, I decided to tackle a few craft projects for her new nursery.

A tray: which severely made me mad and nearly went into the trash…but I think I can cover up my mistakes with some decor and glass…I took a cookie sheet and covered it in fabric and then put a piece of felt on the back to prevent scratching. I am going to have some glass cut and put some candles etc. on top of it.

First mistake: I did this in the driveway. I had the first one looking perfect and then I used a part of my scissors to “iron” out some bubbles…which left a black streak on the fabric. So I took that fabric off and started over….

Second mistake: I did this in the driveway….I had the fabric perfect again, and was putting the left side down on the tray and STUPID MAN WITH TWO STUPID LAB DOGS NOT ON LEASHES attacked me. I was sitting in front of Michael’s car with spray adhesive putting the finishing touches on it…and the idiotic man didn’t even attempt to get his stupid dogs off of me. I said WOW…really, let your dogs get all up in MY business…I had to rip the project off the mat and jump up from preventing the dogs from knocking me over. I was pissed…and definitely said some ugly things to the dude and his nasty dogs! They were filthy from being in the lake behind our house. So I was trying to keep the fabric clean. Anyways…I finished it, noticed the mistake…said whatever and its finished. We have had trouble with that idiot and his dogs before…they are constantly getting out and running up and down the street…and they ran into our backyard one day and jumped on Michael…I think Michael said something to him too. Anyway I think it turned out okay minus a slight crook.

And the tornado sirens are now going off. Cute. We are in severe weather right now.

The next project I am super proud of! No dog interruption or anything! I looked and looked for a memory board for the nursery and couldn’t find anything up to par…so I made my own. I tried a few different ways with the cork, and had to redo it once more because the cork was too thick and wouldn’t sit right in the frame. I got an el cheapo frame from Hobby Lobby and took the glass out (which will be used as the glass for the tray) and kept the backing of the frame for the board. I then took two pieces of cork board and cut them to match the board and used spray adhesive to mount them to the board. Once those dried, I sprayed the fabric to the board and mounted all the layers inside the frame…and Viola! I am super pleased with the way it turned out!! I was going to use brads and ribbon on it, but I think it might look to busy. My mom is using that fabric pattern to make curtains, table cloth, and some pillows.

This is her door hanger. I bought the framed glass at Hobby Lobby and jazzed it up a little bit with better ribbon and I put a mat behind it so you could read the letter better.
So slowly but surely, its coming along…I am hoping to get some more stuff hung this week and see what else needs to be done! She is definetly going to have a mature looking nursery! But I think it’ll look nice, and she can use the stuff growing up for sure!

Yay hail and high winds….I’m out!

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