Strike 2

Well I can successfully add strike 2 against this pregnancy…first strike for high risk is the toxemia, which is at bay now…strike 2, failed my gestational diabetes test. Dern. I failed my first one by 5 points…140 is passing, I registered 145. So I had to follow a strict diet for 3 days and fast today. I went in after dropping EK off and my fasting sugars were 67, which was super good…and then I drank the drink and after the first hour busted out with 192…second hour 187…and they kept me for the 3rd hour…and I was in the safe mode…122, so I was allowed to go home, but I failed. Double poops.

Now the next step is to monitor blood sugars 4 times a daily with a finger prick, diet, and I am meeting with a diabetic counselor on April 11. Boo, gross, and boo.

Never had to diet in my life and dieting while pregnant just seems silly…one of the joys of pregnancy for me is eating a random selection of food. Yup. The weird thing is Michael and I eat healthy anyways…we might have the random fast food or restaurant outing. So I think it will be interesting to see what else I need to cut out of the diet. I don’t eat that many sweets…I was on a huge cadbury egg spree, one a day…and that was about the only sugar I ate. Then I tired of those and moved on to an ice cream sandwich bar after dinner.

I didn’t have to monitor anything today, my fingers are all bruised and hurting pretty good..I am hoping the at home one won’t make my fingers this sore…I gotta whole lotta prickin to do.

I signed Michael up for my first finger prick…I wanted someone else to do it the first time to see how it feels. I am sure he is excited, he HATES needles and blood and all that.

Anyways…that’s the latest and ungreatest.

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