Saturday Morning, packin up…

It was a bit cooler Saturday morning and I had seen a forecast for rain on Saturday…so we woke up around 7 and packed up camp and headed home. Ella Kate cried, she didn’t want to leave her camp! She was glad to be home…ran in her room and said “look there is my bed, oh bed I missed you”…and to her potty…”oh my potty”! Anyways, it rained off and on on the way home and we patted ourselves on the back for our planning skills.

So overall we had a fantastic time camping! As seen in pictures, there was a lot for her to do. It probably wouldn’t be a place we would normally go…we like more scenery and more hiking trails. But definitely a great place for toddlers! Maybe we will take Addison there for her first test drive as well! I hope we get to take them on a ton of more camping trips…after all, it’s one of our favorite things to do!
Not sure why she looks kinda not like Ella Kate in that picture…she just woke up and got fixed and mowed down some muffins. We are all a little pink from Friday!

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