Friday, Camping Day 2.

As mentioned previously we rolled out of the tent at 7:30 and got going. Michael fixed us bacon and eggs for breakfast…Ellers couldn’t believe it…eating bacon outside at her camp.

We packed up a few things and grabbed Dad’s fishing pole and decided to hike around the lake. We had fun for the most part, EK complained a time or to about walking and was upset that I couldn’t pick her up. But we made it all the way around to the playground which was almost a mile. We let her play and Michael fished and I watched from a bench. Michael caught a brim and let EK touch it. We walked back to camp and she was pretty tired and hungry and she asked to eat lunch and go night night. I didn’t think she would nap, and she didn’t. She is freaked out by any type of bug, crawling, flying, stationary, or dead…if she sees it she will cover her eyes and hide from it. So about 10 minutes into her nap she was crying hysterically because a bug had become trapped in between the rain-fly and the tent. So out she came. We hung around the campsite the rest of the afternoon and played games with rocks, dug in the rocks, played in the camp chairs, danced, and played on the playground.

The night before, she asked me what the showers were in the bathhouse and I told her and she said she wanted to try that out. So off we went to get a shower. She wasn’t too excited about it..note to self – bring a cup to rinse her hair. So I had to pick her up and kinda throw water on her hair. Then we got all cleaned and dried off and Dad was roasting hot dogs when we got back to camp. We had a few melt downs (no nap) around 5:30 and 6 but once she got her dinner in her she calmed down…and was able to enjoy herself. We sat around the fire and roasted more marshmallows and she was beginning to fall asleep on Dad. So we went to bed around 8:00…still excited about the sleeping in the tent, but worn out from the day, she went to sleep rather quickly.

In no particular order…

gathering kindling for the fire with Dad.

Fell out backwards out of camping chair…most displeased!

One of my new fave pictures…Mom and Ellers!

Um EK requested that I “take a picture of my bum”…here’s to you kid!

Rockin in the camping chair!


“Fake nap” on dad!

Lunch time!

I went back to camp to get my hiking stick so I could use it if I started to fall…and guess who took it over!

Calling the fishies, “Here fishy fishy!”

Michael teaching her how to go down the pole!
My blessings!

Static slide time!

Snack time!

Fishin with Dad!

“I am going to make a serious face, and you can take my picture.”

Dad makin bacon and eggs for breakfast!

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