Camping Day 1.

After gymnastics, I tossed Ellers in the bed for her afternoon nap and got a huge chunk of work done that I wanted to finish so my mind would be clear while on our first family camping trip!!

Michael took off work early and headed home and we got the car packed and ready and got the kiddo up and hit the road to Chickasaw State Park…which is about an hour away from Arlington. And as we would discover, the perfect place to test our “new camper” out! So if your looking for a test camping area that isn’t too far from Memphis (in case you need to return home with angry campers)…give that place a whirl. They have a lake with a 1.5 mile trail around it…and bonus, a floating foot bridge that goes over the lake…for tired hikers as we experienced. They have playgrounds galore, bathhouses, and for those with older kids…horse-back riding!

We talked up camping with Ella Kate big time…read books, watched Olivias, Doras, and Mickeys about camping…so she knew what was going to happen…and BOY! Was she excited!! Thursday afternoon it was all she talked about!

So we arrived and selected our camping spot and set up the tent and whatnot. Ella Kate was super excited to see her blue tent pop up and all her stuff go in the tent. Michael and I both have therma-rests to sleep on and I brought her pre-school nap mat for her cushion. She could not wait to check out the inside!

We decided to go on a walk and check out the amenities and walked across the lake and hit up a few playgrounds and decks. She loved the playgrounds for sure…we peeled her off a slide and hiked back to the campsite and made our traditional red beans and rice. Note to self: when bringing a new camper camping, more than likely she will eat like a horse! I am not sure if it was the fun factor of cooking and eating outside, but she mowed it down like a man the whole trip!

After eating we let our food settle and enjoyed her first camp fire…and I busted out the marshmallows and we roasted marshmallows. I also brought along glow-sticks for her to wear/play with (fantastic hit by the way). Around 8:30 she said she was ready to go night night. So we gowned down and got in the tent and she got her second wave of energy….the tent and sleeping with mom and dad lit her up like a firecracker. She was soo soo soo excited to sleep in the tent. She stayed up till about 10 p.m. talking about what was going on. She was hilarious! We slept till about 7:30 Friday morning.

In no particular order…here are some pictures!

Dad trying to get her to settle down and go night night!

and Mom’s attempt!

Dad took this picture, he thought it was hilarious!
This is the foot bridge that goes across the lake, the camp site is to the left of the bridge in the hills.

Last minute grab idea for EK, buckets and sand toys…these were also a huge hit. She kept asking “Can I dig?”

One of the playgrounds. Michael taught her how to do a penny drop!


Swinging with Dad!

Dad and Ellers on the bridge!

Family shot on the swings!

Mom and EK!

The bridge across the lake.

It wasn’t too bad being 7 months pregnant and camping. I slept rather well and had a blast with my family! I probably wouldn’t do it if I was any bigger!

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