Happy Huge Birthdays…and 400 yard dash race!

Happy Happy 2nd birthday to Anna Claire!

Happy Happy 1st birthday to Maggie!!

Anna Claire’s birthday is today, and Maggie’s was yesterday. Man time sure does fly! Anna Claire’s big birthday bash is tomorrow afternoon. Holly had to do it on Sunday because she was in charge of the big race today.

What a gross morning to have a race! But you sure can’t predict the weather! It was raining cats and dogs all the way up to the 5K start…then the rain took a break…and then by the kid’s race it was a light drizzle.

While Michael raced, Ella Kate and I played in the gym with a big jump house and mowed down some bagels with Anna Claire. Holly had around 700+ people sign up for the race, and about 300 finished. So the rain kept a large chunk of the racers at home. I thought I was going to have to pull a mom card on EK and not let her race because she had the flu and it was raining…but the weather took a short break for them to finish! Michael had a personal best…and won his age bracket. He got a fancy medal and he “won” the door prize.

Excuse these pictures, I forgot my camera and had to use the dern phone…here is EK in the big jump house! She was intimidated by it and only went through it once and then stayed near the exit and jumped.

My two racers!

Approaching the finish line…

Crossing the finish line…with stick in hand!

My big 400 yard dasher! complete with stick!

I am not really sure what the deal is with her and sticks, but mid-race she stopped and picked up a stick and didn’t put it down until we got to the car. When we walk outside, she gets a stick and walks around with it too. We tucked her in tonight and told her how proud of her we are…and then we told Michael the next time he crosses a 100 mile finish line that he needs to cross with a stick in hand!

I really wanted to “run” with EK in her race…but for the past two weeks my right hip has been absolutely killing me. I don’t remember this happening with EK…every step I make sends a huge shock wave of hurt directly to my right hip joint and I cringe with pain! Not fun! Unfortch, I had to ask Michael to take over. They had a ball! EK came in second to last, and AC came in last…they were the two youngest racers!! It sure was fun to watch them!!

Stay tuned for a soccer update…and AC’s bday party! We have been “practicing” soccer in the yard and house with EK…she’s having trubs learning that you CAN’T use your hands to stop the ball! Tomorrow should be interesting!!

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