First Soccer Practice

That above weekly picture, which this post won’t make any sense when I change it…I can’t wait to see another baby in the bed…hands behind heads, roll after roll, swaddled with one sock off! Good stuff!!

Anyways…as mentioned before, Ellers is starting a 9 week soccer program with Soccer Ole…Uncle Drew was her coach for the first practice, he is going to do most of them I think. It was pretty much nuts…as expected with 10 3 year olds and their parents running around with them. But they all appeared to have fun…hopefully we will see some progress towards the end of the season!

Oh and it was pretty stinkin cold outside too. I had to hide a few times because she saw me and would want me to come play.

We have a few issues to work on…one of them is getting dirty…she didn’t like the grass all over her…and the other issue….STICKS! She picked up 3 or 4 sticks on the field…at one point I looked over and she had about a 4′ stick trying to run with it. We told her she is going to get in trouble the next time she picks up a stick on the soccer field. She might get her bum slapped with the stick. Hopefully it won’t be cold anymore and the kids…and parents can have fun!

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