Holy Moly….

is a good way to describe this week. EK missed a whole week of preschool this week due to her “flu-like virus.” She has watched a ton of movies, read a ton of books, and had a TON of meltdowns. She has been fever free for over 24 hours, but she has a manly cough…and a faucet of snot coming out her nose…so I kept her out of school today. She looks better, no more sad eyes and up-side down smiles.

Yesterday she really perked back up…and we played dress-up and whatnot…
She rode her horsey in her Ho Ho jammies, with a Dora sticker on the leg for no. 2. Typical day. For sure.

Today she requested to play upstairs, which we haven’t done in a while because I have the laptop and do most of my work on the couch. So up we went. I took the day off from working because I have a busy weekend coming up…not only do they want me to keep track of the chemical department, but help with the maintenance department too. I say….bring it…mo money ya’ll.

So I went into the attic while she played and moved 7 big ole bins and 3 big ole bags…of little girl clothes. I have a perfect phrase for the following picture:

“Holy s***!!! Where’s the tylenol?”

No, a better phrase is thankful that I don’t have to buy many clothes…at all. I went through all the bins and separated them into 3 categories…0-6 months, 9-12 months, and 18-24, 2T. I threw a bunch out because they were badly stained, not sure why I put them in the bins in the first place looking like that. Anyways, I am hoping Addison can pull off most of these clothes, even though she and EK are complete season opposites.

Then I moved a little down into the guest room and future nursery to figure out what needs to be done organizational wise before I even think about tackling this project.

Our plan looks somewhat like this:

  • have the dressers emptied, do something with that mess…and put the clothes up.
  • figure out what sort of system to put in the kid’s new closet.
  • move the guest bed to the attic.
  • pick up any little furniture downstairs and move upstairs
  • so we can have the carpets cleaned.
  • then start work on decorating a nursery.

Good stuff. Right up my alley, but time is of the essence with me working.

We are also hoping to pull off our first family camping trip either in two weeks or the next couple of weeks after that. EK is really interested in going, she even wants a pink tent..but ours will have to do…its blue and yellowish. We might take her to Chickasaw State Park, or to Michael’s crew leader’s property. It will def. be a last minute trip because we want to do it when the weather is nice…like today…73.

We have to be back on Saturday though, because EK has soccer on Saturdays and I don’t want her to miss! We got her cleats and pink shin guards last night. I can’t wait to see her on the field. Michael is doing it with her, since I need to avoid getting hit with balls or falling down. I am excited for them, it’s really the first time the two have them have spent ANY time together!

We have a super duper busy weekend this week! EK and AC have a 400 yard dash Saturday. Michael, Drew, and my parents are running/walking the 5K…and Anna Claire is turning the big 2 Saturday!!

Cheers folks!!

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