Backyard and Garden

Well we had a small sit down last night at the dinner table and discussed some things we need to do in the backyard…which include:

  • pressure washing new deck.
  • staining new deck.
  • planting 3-6 Cross Vines that will eventually cover the arbor and provide more shade year round.
  • replacing 3 Nandinas that bit it over the winter.
  • replacing 1 George Tabor that got too much sun over the summer.
  • clean-out of beds.
  • garden planting.

The first 6 bullets are no brainers, they just have to be done.

I record the Martha Stewart show and sometimes fast forward through it or watch it if it is interesting. Yesterday was about starting gardens. I was pleased to find out that Home Depot carries organic seeds. I told Michael and we have began narrowing down what we want to plant in the garden section. So hopefully this weekend we can go check out the seeds and see what we can come up with.

So if your in the market for organic seeds…check out the Martha Stewart line at HD.

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