Sick Folk

Eker is still sporting a high temperature. Sunday it appeared as if she was over the hill. Her fever was under 99 the whole day. Michael got home from his fishing trip and I took her temp once more before bed…99. That night she hardly slept a wink…nor did I…listening to her cough over the monitor. I keep her baby monitor on to monitor asthma. Her fever went up again Monday…anywhere from 100-102.something. I kept her from school and made a decision to call the dr. and reserve an appt. slot for Tuesday if things didn’t get any better. Monday night she slept better, I snuck in and took her temp around 1ish and it was 103.8. I bout pooed my pj pants. I slept in her room for about 2 hours and it was slowly going back down. This morning it was 101…and at the dr. it was 102.

So they did some blood work and the Dr. thinks she has the flu. No signs of bacteria infection…all signs point to virus and Dr. pointed to flu. So more tylenol, popsicles, or whatever else I can get the kid to eat.

She is so sad. I hate seeing little people sick. She laid around all day yesterday and watched a couple of movies…Curious George and Snow White.

Luckily I have been able to get a large portion of work finished…I should be rolling through things and up and ready for their first application with the new program next week. Woot!

On a more fun note…Ella Kate is signed up for SOCCER! She is soooo pumped up about it too. Her first practice is Saturday. Tomorrow we need to go get her some cleats and shin guards. I am hoping she feels up to it…and hoping that she is better by Saturday! She also has a race Saturday, a 400 yard dash at St. Marys. Holly is throwing a race Saturday and the whole family is signed up for it. The race is at 10:00 and her practice starts at 10:30, so I am not sure if she will make the race or not!

Anyways…off to take care of sick folk!

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