Plans change…

Well, I have been mentioning about the incredible amount of work I had to do this weekend and next week…and you can probably tell that I have been internetting a bunch this weekend…as most of you know Memphis had severe weather on Thursday night…and on Friday, way after the storms, the office’s power went out…and I haven’t been able to work this weekend. Boo.

We went to my parent’s house this weekend cause Michael is on that fishing trip. Ella Kate started with her runny nose…and this afternoon she was rockin 102.7 fever. She was in poor condition. Before that, we went out side and fed the ducks…rode a tricycle…and she said she was finished. We came back in and watched the Princess and the Frog and she went downhill. Little kids are sad when they are sick. She looked sick, her eyes were sad, and she even smelled sick.

I ran to Walmart and got her some feverall and some other fever mess and a box of popsicles…ole Ella Kate perked right up after that…and by bath time her fever was at 100.7

Feeding the ducks.

Her latest craze, wanting Papa to build her a tent.

Strawberry popsicle action…

“Oh Mom, this is soooo good!”

Gotta get this kid better, get her to school so I can get all that work finished before Tuesday…ARGH!!

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