I have been an avid recycler for many many years. I try to recycle most everything that we throw out…and feel sad sometimes for putting things into our trash cans. I recycle anything and everything…I even throw our toilet paper rolls in the bins.

Our trash runs on Thursdays and we normally just have one bag of trash from the whole house… Our recycling runs on Fridays and our curb is usually stacked with overflowing bins. About a month ago, we had a huge recycling week and I heard the truck coming and ran to the window to watch him, to see if he would take it all. I had our bin out there and a big cardboard box full of stuff. I wasn’t expecting him to take the big box, because it was rather large…but I had been using it for overflow. So said recycling dude took the bin, looked at the box…picked out a plastic bottle and left everything else in the box. Oh and he looked around to see if anyone was watching him…yup, I was.

Made me flat out mad. I posted about him on the town of Arlington’s facebook page…I have been known to do such things when I see things I don’t like that are going on in our town. I even went as far as emailing the Design Review committee for Arlington and wanted to know what type of idiots we had on the board that would allow for a $25,000 tree grant to be planted DIRECTLY under a power line. They weren’t too happy with my email, but I felt as if it needed to be pointed out that those Willow Oaks will be murdered in a few years. That was several years ago, and the tops of them are now tickling the power lines. I told them if they had an opening on the board to let me know, I would be more than happy to join the committee. Anyways…

I decided to call public works, tell them what happened, and see if I could get another bin. They dropped one off that day…and I dumped all the stuff that we had in the box into the bin…and said idiot picked both bins up the next time. Its sad that people are that lazy.

I have been saving plastic bags for batteries to be dropped off…and boxes for those CFL lights to be recycled. I noticed in a Target last week that they had a recycling station set up for cell phones and I dropped a handful off this week. I have also donated them to the Army, they are always looking for cell phones for soldiers…I think that was the name of the program.

As far as hazardous waste materials, paints, oils, things that you have no idea what to do with…you can take them to Shelby Farms and they will dispose of them properly.

Its pretty much a no-brainer on recycling. I think its sad that some neighborhoods don’t offer recycling…and I think its even more sad when the neighborhoods do offer recycling and people don’t participate in such an easy way to keep their trash out of the landfill.

I don’t know if many of you remember our TV trubs of 09? Our 5 year old Sony LCD TV melted and we called around several places about recycling it and they wanted $100 – $300 bucks just for taking it…Um thanks, but no thanks. We ended up putting it on the curb way before trash day, and that thing was gone before Michael went to work the next morning…at 3:30 a.m. Some old man drives around in a truck a couple of days before trash day and gets things like that, he also got one of our old gas grills…so kinda thankful for him taking things like that…hopefully he can keep them out of the landfill.

One thought on “Recycling

  1. We live in a sad neighborhood that does not offer recycling. However, Daniel drinks so much Coke that we keep a plastic bag in the laundry for all of those and we take them to my parents house when the bag gets full. We've been doing that since we moved here. That's it, though. I am not taking EVERYTHING across town to put in my parents' bin. It is a pity. I agree.

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