My little kitchen helper…

I guess there are three people in my house who enjoy cooking, one of which helps out with small tasks. Ella Kate has shown an interest in the kitchen for some time. I bought her a little red step stool from Target last year in hopes that she would like to watch what we do up on the counters. Now that she is a wee bit older she helps out as well. She measures things for us, stirs, pours, and helps with small tasks that we think she can handle.

She helped with a salad last week! Salad is one of a handful of vegetables she will eat. English peas, some corn, maybe a baked potato (depending on the day) and lettuce. She also eats some cabbage…Michael and I make a ramen noodle slaw that she will eat.

She tore up the lettuce and put it in the bag, or ate it. Good little helper!

She is sick this weekend…she has been rocking a 101.8 fever since Friday afternoon. One thing I can’t control about her environment is the weather…and I think for everyone, 30 degree days and 70 degrees the next day does nothing for sinuses. So far her breathing is okay. Its hard to tell at times because she breathes so deeply because her nose is “not working.” I have to watch for signs for when she does need treatments…that little spot on your neck, right above your collarbone…I count her breaths a minute…and I watch for her to lean forward to try to breath…and if she kinda curls her lips while breathing. If any of those are abnormal, I administer the albuterol. So hopefully we will be okay this time!

Anyway, back to helping in the kitchen, she also has another job that has been passed on to her, setting the table. She gets out the placemats, napkins, and we give her the utensils and she sets those out. I hope this lasts for a while, I think its important for her to see what goes on in her kitchen…and hopefully she will enjoy cooking as much as we do too! She also says the blessing for us…short and sweet…God is good, God is great…let us thank him for our food, Amen! We have been trying to teach her the whole prayer, but I think that is what they say at school and she is stuck on that…it’s something at least!!

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