Faux meal…

First off…I totally just received a drunk dial from my boss. No not Michael, the owner and my boss of Adsit. It was fairly interesting….apparently he got a hold of some of our homebrews and had to call me and tell me how delicious it is…and that in fact, he could hold his liQUOR. Oh background note, they are FINALLY taking the annual Adsit fishing trip that has been canceled twice due to weather. Michael packed up our pony kegs and brought them with him. I wonder if I will receive anymore random calls like that…oh and it was only 2:45. YIKES!

Anyways…I think I have mentioned on here that we hardly go out to eat at all. We would much rather eat at home. I saw an ad on TV some time ago for McDonald’s new wholesome oatmeal..and I remember thinking eeew gross, no WAY McDonald’s has wholesome oatmeal…and thinking that that has got to be pretty disgusting.

Turns out I was right….

check out this article about McDonald’s Wholesome Oatmeal.

I have started reading ingredients on everything I buy for the family. The fewer the ingredients the better.

Not that I buy them, but I read a blog called…They call this food?…It reviewed the ingredients in a lunchable…and it was incredibly gross!

Anyways, just thought that article on the oatmeal proved my instinct right and it was!

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