Spring has sprung!…and semi-green Fragrance.

Well at my house at least. Seeing the Bradford Pears and Red Maples put out growth…and the fact that our Daylilies have really greened up…I had to put up Winter Monday!!! I had a bit of a lull this week due to a glitch in my new program that I am working on at work. It should be fixed this afternoon, and then lookout, I have mad mad hours to put in…our second application starts next week and I have to have my i’s doted and t’s crossed. So…I’ve done a bit of seasonal decorating. Have I mentioned that Ella Kate LOVES to help me decorate. I love that!

Here is the buffet…all greened up for spring with ferns and moss and grasses.
Here is the mantel…repeating the same natural elements. The apothecary jars stay up there year round and I fill them up according to the season.

This centerpiece was my fave! I love re-doing my table each season, and this one was by far too fun! I dug around my old foliage bins and busted out some succulents and whatnot.

I know the greener route of this centerpiece would be to have actual real plants, but if I did that, it would be a total waste of money, because a certain black cat eats plants. Boo. So fake it is. Trust me, I would love to have a house full of houseplants…natural air filters.

As far as the second title of this blog posts…and fragrances…

I have eliminated pretty much all candles in my house. I discovered soy candles that burn many more hours longer than regular candles…and I have two of them in the kitchen. The soy candles I found come in more earthy tones than normal candles. I use to LOVE burning candles, and then read about how candles affect allergies…and of course asthmatics. So I had to let them go. I burn the soy candles every now and then…if she has had a good spree…but apparently they are the best type of candles to burn etc.

I have also switched to essential oils with the wicks. Fallen in love with these…they last 2-3 months too! I have had these going for a while, love having a scent in certain rooms. I keep all fragrance far away from EK’s and Addison’s room. But, no burning required…it’s like a greener version of candles!

I have also started using LED candles…I have them on my table, buffet, and mantle. All of which use rechargeable batteries. They look extremely realistic and have a timer on them as well. They are very affordable too!

Just a few more changes to add to our Green resolutions!

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