Number one reason to veto plastic bags from stores…

That’s in my backyard, that’s my Knockout Rose in the bed that trapped a plastic bag.

I hate seeing them stuck in trees etc. Imagine what they do when they get into the watersheds.

I have been collecting canvas bags for a while now and finally have enough to use for a big grocery store trip. I have refused to actually pay for one of these bags. I guess technically we have…some of them have come from race packets from Michael, or from church attending various programs. Anyway, I like having those things around. A couple of Christmas’s ago I received two bags that can be kept in your purse. They are pretty radical because they fold down into 1 1/2″ x 3″ pocket.

Also, if you didn’t know this, Target takes 5 cents off your purchase if you bring your own bag. I know I know…woohoo, but it keeps one less plastic bag out of my house.

When we do forget our bags, I either tell them we don’t need a bag (if its small enough to carry) or we use the bags for the cat litter, or lining small trash bags.

Simple and easy…you just have to remember to bring them! I have walked into a store before and turned around and walked out to go get them.

One thought on “Number one reason to veto plastic bags from stores…

  1. word up!!! i have about 15 canvas bags that i use for the grocery, various other things and whatnot– i use my plastic bags that i have nad forever (trying ti slowly get rid of) to hold recycling!!!! we don't have nice recycling bins like yall do….

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