Straight Hair Claire and Valentine’s Day!

We had a quaint Valentine’s Day last week. Ella Kate received some happies from us that morning. She got a little beauty supply kit that she adores. She fixes my hair every morning after breakfast…and tries to fix Michael’s hair after he gets in from work…but its real short, so he normally just gets a blow out. She also got a book for her V-reader. I love that thing. It was her big present for her birthday from us and it is perfect for the car.

Also, the week before Valentine’s Day, Ella Kate was the star of the week at school and one Sunday afternoon I crafted up her poster for her. I didn’t spend a dime on the thing. I used materials that I had around the house…and was pretty pleased with the outcome. She got lots of compliments…and now her school knows that she is going to be a big sis!

Several weeks ago, I got my hair cut. More like thinned. I have extremely thick hair and I have to go in between cuts to get it thinned out. The less hair I have, the curlier it gets. I went to a new place in Arlington and really liked it. I called before making my appt. to find out how much a wet cut was, and signed up for a wet cut. Well I went and got my hair did…and then she started fixing it. I have never had this done before. I have no idea when the last time a blow dryer has been on my head. Then….and then, she used a flat iron on it. Never ever used one of those. I was going to stop her before all this began, but then kinda wanted to see what was going to happen. Turns out you get a free style.

2 thoughts on “Straight Hair Claire and Valentine’s Day!

  1. Yay flat hair.

    And I read your green posts…we are almost paperless in the house, but then I read something interesting that if you don't have energy star appliances then you shouldn't cut down as much. We bought an energy star dishwasher, but you know we have granny's old washer/dryer. And those suckers aren't very efficient at all.

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