Off Topic…

Baby girl no. 2 has a name.

Addison Grace Poole

I know this is alarming, but she will not go by the two names. Just plain Addison. We played around with nicknames…thinking we might call her Addie, but we decided to call her Addison….or Asson as EK calls her.

There is no history behind the names. Neither side has an Addison or a Grace. I liked the name Abigail, but my first cousin named her baby girl Abbie, so I vetoed that.

The other name that was on the table was Harper…I vetoed that as well. My mom mentioned Addison to me after I vetoed Abigail…and I liked it…and it was also a name that was kinda on the table for EK.

Hope, Grace, and Faith…were the three choices for the middle names. Ella Kate picked Grace. Holly said Faith sounded red-neckish.

The name was mentioned to Michael for approval, and it was approved.

Ella Kate now calls her Asson Face. She knows how to say Grace, I think she is saying Face to get a rise out of me.

She has felt the baby move now and squeals with delight when she does. She gives my belly high fives and hugs in the morning, throughout the day, and a good-night kiss at night night time.

She wants Addison to come out and play, and I tell her that she isn’t done yet, and when it is hot outside…she will be ready to come out!

I just realized how bad Asson Face looked up there…good stuff!

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