We have made some changes as to how we have done laundry too. Not much of a change, but some.

I have used Gain for many years now…and I have bought a few sample bottles of new laundry detergents that I want to try:

  • Seventh Generation Free and Clear Laundry Detergent
  • Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent

I am going to give the Seventh Generation a whirl first and see if we like it.

When we went to the allergist all the time in the fall, the nurses would give us samples of All Free and Clear, which is apparently good for peeps with allergies and asthma…and I did research on detergents and decided to go with a greener version, if we like it. The new detergents aren’t harmful to our water system, gets the clothes just as clean…and doesn’t leave harmful residues on our clothes.

I have an experiment coming up with the new baby that I will probably blog about last, and I will need a specific organic detergent for her, to keep all the harmful chemicals and residues out of her clothes.

I will let you know what I think of this experiment when I learn more about it.

We wash all of our clothes on cold cold…always have, always will. Sheets and towels are washed on warm/cold.


I do approximately 7 loads of wash on Saturdays. All but 2 of them are lined dried. In the summer, I line dry outside. In the winter, I line dry inside. Michael and I share a drying rack that I received for Christmas two years ago. It holds all of our clothes. I use an old drying rack that I used in college for drying the kid’s clothes. The kid’s rack might need to be upgraded because its made of bamboo and is warping pretty badly. Maybe I will take it apart and use it as stakes in the garden this summer.

When I line dry inside I am sure to place the carts in front of an air return, which helps drying time. Our cart goes in the master bedroom in front of the return…and the kids goes in the nursery/guestroom, in front of the return. I might have to find a new location when baby gets here.

One might ask, how long does it take to line dry? If outside, in less than a day. If inside, about a day…depending on if you have washed some heavy duty car-hart pants. But yes, it generally takes about a day.

As far as storage, I keep the kids rack under the crib. Ours doesn’t fold up neatly like that, its a big cart with wheels…and our laundry room is tiny, and has a funky angled wall, but I measured it before it went on the Christmas list and it fits nicely in our laundry room….holding all our laundry baskets.

Line drying saves us a ton of money on electricity. This also greatly reduces our carbon footprint on the earth as well. I have read many statistics about how much pollution dryers create in the atmosphere. We started hardcore line-drying after going to a single income, and noticed an incredible decrease in our MLGW bill. I myself have always line-dried…Michael always dried his clothes completely. He likes line-drying, but has noticed that his car-hart pants are a little stiffer than full drying. I taught him how to soften them up on a whim…with high kicks and squats!

As far as the laundry room greening, we are:

  • switching to an environmentally friendly laundry detergent
  • shortening drying times
  • line drying

I am also doing research on those pesky little dryer sheets that litter landfills with more harsh chemical and rarely decompose. There are some crazy natural alternatives out there that I am not wild about.

I know its not green, but I have seen those little bounce things that you stick in the back of the dryer and apparently last for a few months. I am not sure what they are made of…I might end up just deleting fabric softener from the wash all together.

I just opened a box of the sheets, so until those are gone, that’s what I will use..and hopefully I can find a better alternative before they are all gone.

3 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. We use the All Free and Clear. Once, when we were first married, we tried something else and Daniel broke out in a rash! So we've been using that for ages.

    Good for you on the line drying. I can't imagine doing that with everything. I line dry my jeans only and they are so crunchy!

  2. I've heard that you can cut the dryer sheets in thirds and it still provides enough…just a thought 🙂
    We also use about 1/3 of what the bottle recommends for detergent. I read a bunch about how much soap was left behind on the clothes when you used the suggested amount and drastically reduced it.

  3. have you checked out they have lots of green cleaning suggestions. i read a tip for making homemade reusable dryer sheets once, but can't find it now. is another good site.

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