Cleaning Products.

I have finally…finally used up the last of my name-brand cleaning products.

This has been a long time coming. As I didn’t want to just pour them down the drain…so I decided to use them up, or give them away…I had a gigantic costco sized bottle of windex that I finally got rid of…and that was the last thing to go.

As far as cleaning products go we use the following in various combinations:

  • vinegar
  • borax
  • baking soda
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • alcohol
  • castile soap
  • essential oils
  • lemons
  • water

I am currently trying different concoctions for a substitute for bleach, aka clorox cleanup. I use that on the toilets and showers.

The only name brand, non-earth friendly product we have in the house is a bottle of clorox cleanup that I keep under the kitchen sink for kitchen purposes…mainly used when raw foods have been out and about the kitchen.

I have bought two green cleaners that I love to use as well…Mrs. Meyers countertop spray…I am in love with the lemon-verbena scent. For the shower I am trying seventh generation shower cleaner…which so far, I am not that fond of. I have been looking for the Mrs. Meyers shower cleaner, but have been unable to locate it locally.

I feel much better knowing that I am not spraying all those terrible chemicals around our house anymore and worse, inhaling them…and that we are saving our part of the earth as well…not too mention saving cash monies on cleaning products.

Gone are the days of rolls of paper towels, swiffer dusters (although I do have a fistful of those left that I use on blinds), and expensive, hazardous cleaners.

I was so proud of myself last week, using all my home-made cleaners…and the fact that I only used 3 paper towels while cleaning a 2,500 sq. ft. house from top to bottom. I did feel awfully green and better about my house.

As for what I used with my new cleaning products:

  • sponges
  • microfiber rags
  • newspapers
  • three paper towels – for the toilets…I then thought I just need a designated rag for the toilets.

One thing I will NOT be giving up…Mr. Clean magic erasers. That has been the only thing that gets our shower sparkling clean…and I also use them about every six months to go over random marks on our walls, baseboards, and furniture. A few months ago I started using a Mr. Clean magic eraser mop…and could not believe how clean it got our tile floors.

For my next huge project I am going to attempt my hand at cleaning the tile grout in the kitchen and bathrooms…which is grossly discolored after 7 years of being in our house. I would love also to get the carpets cleaned…and am thinking our best option would be to have them professionally cleaned, but I haven’t made up my mind. Eventually we are going to have to replace the carpet, probably after baby no. 2 stops drooling and other baby mess. We want to replace all the carpet downstairs with hardwoods, carpet to me is just nasty in general…and a huge allergen trap for asthmatics.

My friend Marilyn asked me why Green now?

And I guess my answer to that is…why not?

The major factor of this was Ella Kate and her asthma. I started looking into natural alternatives for treating asthma and an asthmatics environment. I have been reading lots of books and blogs on how doing simple changes around your house helps them greatly, and also leaves less of an impact on the environment.

From there, it got me thinking about my carbon foot print that we are leaving on the earth. How much trash we actually throw out and how many years it takes to dispose in a landfill…if ever. How we have been taught to consume and consume and toss toss toss. Another thing that got me going was being reduced to a single income after Ella Kate was born. We had to greatly reduce our expenses. So we cut back in all types of categories to survive.

I am hoping Ella Kate will appreciate what we have changed, more or less for her…for more reasons than one. That she may one day…take to all these changes, and use them in her future…lessening her carbon foot print on her world as well…

One thought on “Cleaning Products.

  1. Interesting. Thanks for the insights. 🙂

    Love Mrs. Meyers products, too. We use the countertop spray, hand soap, and dish soap.

    We also use kitchen rags/towels for as much as we can, b/c it just seems silly to use a paper towel sometimes.

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