2011 News Years Resolutions

I had one main family New Year’s resolution for the 2011 year, that I am hoping will stick with my family for…forever.

The Poole family is going green…in many new ways…and I am hoping to share with you in the coming months.

On a side note, I practically flipped out last night. I realized that I am 24 weeks pregnant today…so that means I have approximately 15 weeks left before the baby is due. I have an incredible amount of stuff on the to do list. Here they are to name a few:

  • Go through a bazillion little girls clothes, wash, organize by months, put away.
  • Move everything out of the guest room that isn’t baby related and put in bins.
  • Get Best Lawn up and running with this new computer program. (logged 51 hours last week.)
  • Plant a months worth of Adsit’s flowers in hopefully 2-3 weeks.
  • Design the fall flowers.

Those are the big ones…and the last 3 take up the most time. I have been working a TON on the new computer program…which is fun and we are super thankful for the extra income…and overtime! But once the program is up and running, I shouldn’t be working as much.

Anyway…back to the point.

Here is my first going green topic: Paper Towels.

I have shelving in my garage and the top shelf is dedicated to paper products…paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins. When Costco sent me those coupons for the paper towels…I was sure to stock up. We decided to cut back on paper towel usage. I didn’t get the paper towels this time…and semi freaked out when we got down to 6 rolls left. We still have those 6 rolls…and that was almost a month ago.

Here are my substitutions for using paper towels:

Newspapers: cleaning windows, glass, and mirrors.
Microfiber rags: cleaning counter tops (bathroom and kitchen), mopping up spills.
Old rags: cleaning Ella Kate up after she eats. This is where I used many paper towels. I marked 7 old rags with x’s and we know to use those for cleaning her up after she eats.

Our rolls of paper towels last longer than before. I think we can make a whole roll last a little longer than a month. I use to keep rolls underneath all the bathroom cabinets and in the kitchen. We only have them by the kitchen sink now…for emergencies really.

I bought 2 packs of (4) microfiber rags at Old Time for 2 bucks each. We toss those with the wash after we get through with them. As well as EK’s cleanup rags. The newspaper can be recycled. Thus limiting the amount of PT going in the trash each week.

Oh yea…and Michael and I are very excited for our new venture in going green. Some of these we have been doing for years…others are new…like the paper towels.

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