So what have we been up too?

Well after the big party….I did a massive cleanup! I plan on not having another party for probably…EK’s 4th birthday. Lots of work and even a bigger cleanup! Specially when said birthday boy was zero help in the big cleanup.

We got yet another snow last Thursday. Michael was suppose to go fishing with Adsit…but it got canceled because of the weather. So I called him up and told him boo for ruining my plans (spending the weekend at my parents). He told me to go on anyway because he was working through the night one night….and spending the rest of the weekend at our friends parents house remodeling their bathroom. So off we went.

He is going fishing the second week of February. After my RealGreen training at Adsit. So we get another weekend at my parents house! Woop!

Here is what Antioch does in the winter:

She enjoys warm electric blankets and heat dishes. She did not move from this position for almost half a day. This was the second snow we had this year.

And here is Ella Kate…trying on some of her spring attire. Kohls had a sale (imagine that)…and I had a huge coupon and ordered up the rest of her spring and summer attire. I make her try everything on….and she puts on a fashion show for us.
As you can see in the last picture, her face looks even better. It is nuts to me that it took or shall I say is taking this long to recover.

Speaking of which…asthma…knock on wood…PTL…no attacks in 2 months. She is doing the Singulair at night and Claritin in the morning. I am going to keep at it. She goes for a checkup at the allergist in March.

What else….

oh I got a laptop from work and am absolutely spoiled rotten with laptop business and wireless internet. I must move my camera uploader downstairs so I will blog more. I can’t believe how nice it is to have internet anywhere in the house! NUTS!!

I am almost finished with my spring flowers…I am halfway through week 4 of 4 weeks! I should have those wrapped up this week.

Ella Kate is star of the week next week. I need to brainstorm some idears for her poster I have to craft up. That is on the agenda for the week and weekend.

I think that about sums us up!

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