oh wait…one more thing

I forgot to mention….

well looky there…

and looky here…

and check this out…


Isn’t that fun! Those two pictures above are Ella Kate’s new sibling. She will be 21 weeks gestational this Friday. Thanks to a fantastic printer/scanner combo that throws more hissy fits than a toddler…I had to take a picture of the picture…and the printer/scanner combo is about to get tossed.

So here are the deets:

21 weeks Friday
June 10, 2011 (40 week due date)
June 3, 2011 scheduled c-section
if not after May 27, 2011

I will most definitely NOT be allowed to go near my due date. She wants me to make it to the 3rd and have a section…I will be monitored closely the third trimester and depending on how I fare (toxemia wise) she said anytime after May 27th is fine. I want a June baby.

This is a high risk pregnancy thanks to my last one. I switched Dr’s after the mayhem at the other clinic and went with the dr. who actually delivered EK and AC. I feel completely safe with this Dr. I have an 80% chance of getting toxemia again. I knew that going in, but we are heavily praying that this one will be in good hands all around.

We are tickled to death and can’t wait to meet this little addition….



You couldn’t tell from the second sonogram because the text is blurred. It took a WHILE to get that baby to cooperate. We poked at her and shoved at her…I moved from side to side…Michael was about to bust out some fists…and then she finally showed us what she was!

All looks perfect, brain, kidney, stomach, liver, all the vitals performing correctly. No cleft pallet…spine is closed up good…10 fingers 10 toes…not that anything is wrong with having an extra one like I did!

Names are on the table…we have the first one picked out and the middle name has been narrowed to a handful.

Oh and what does big sister think? She loves it. She pats her baby sister daily and asks me if it hurts. She knows that she can meet her in the summer when its hot. She knows baby sister is going to stay in her old nursery, in her old bed…and she has even put some blankies in the crib for her. She talks about baby sister almost every hour…and how she has to be gentle with her…and not loud (we shall see how that actually plays out).

How have I felt…rancid. Lots of puking, lots of heartburn, and lots of terrible afternoons. Did not experience one iota of this with EK. I just started to show about a week ago…and have doubled in size. I can definitely feel a gut when I sit….

Anyways…Cheers to baby girl no. 2!!

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