The Big 3!

Unfortch Michael’s parents and sister didn’t come to the party due to the GA game at the Liberty bowl…so we went to IHOP to celebrate that morning…Ella Kate’s fave thing to eat is pancakes…and she mowed down 5 of them and three pieces of bacon. The brought her out a vanilla ice cream shake and she had no interest in it whatsoever…she said “I want more pancakes!”

This is day 3 days after the pediatrician visit about her face…it was actually starting to look better.

Michael’s parents gave her a gigantic bag filled with books, and a cute outfit! Aunt Erica and Chris gave her two Fancy Nancy books….she definitely loves her some Fancy Nancy!

After IHOP we headed home for a nap, she was exhausted from the morning festivities…then we woke her up for her big Minnie Party!!

I hope she doesn’t get mad in a few years and ask why we took pictures when her face looked like that!

Anyways…Happy Birthday baby…it has been a crazy crazy year!

We went to the dr. last Wednesday for her 3 year check up and her stats are:

29lbs = 50%
38″ tall = 85%

He was impressed with her vocabulary…and said her face was looking better…and to keep greasing her up until it is gone. She didn’t get a single shot or finger prick. She got her finger pricked in the fall when she started having all that asthma mess.

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