Christmas 2010

Ella Kate really understood the whole Christmas idea this year. We taught her what Christmas was really about, and she walked around saying its baby Jesus’ birthday….and then it would be her birthday…so she sortof grasped what was going on.

For a rundown on her presents….she received a doll house, flash cards, sing a majigs, puzzles, books, Olivia t-shirts, counting blocks, and several little zoo animals in her stocking, a laptop, and a sound mixing crazy toy.

Picture prior:
Picture after:

After Christmas at our house, we packed up our business and headed to Mimi and Papa’s house for the day!

Ella Kate’s big present from Mimi and Papa was a kitchen, Anna Claire’s was a baby crib and high chair. The kitchen was a hit for everyone. It has a working light and one of the stove eyes makes a bubbling over sound when you put the pot on it. It is definitely cool, and I believe Anna Claire is getting her own kitchen for her second birthday! EK also got books, a baby doll that stands up and walks, and a horsey stick that she can ride. She loves that thing! She also got some little tech toys too!

Christmas Eve morning we went to the Poole’s house for some Christmas festivities as well…she had a Fancy Nancy them going on over there…she got some Fancy Nancy books, a Fancy Nancy doll, a purse with faux jewelry in it, clothes for the summer….and some mixing/baking sets from Aunt Erica and Uncle Chris.

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