After Christmas

My big present this year was this:

and Michael installing it. Woop. We have talked about it for a few months and Michael suddenly got an itch for a new house project…so that is what he came up with! We love it and it really changed the look of the kitchen…made the counter-tops pop! It took him 4 days to do it.

and here is EK’s on NY day! Chillin!

So what is next on our to do list…Michael is turning the big 3-0 on the 19th of January and I am throwing him a big party on the 15th. He is so excited about it and I am making him cook his own food for it..BBQ! His fave! He bought two big ole shoulders for it this week…we are expecting a large crowd! The furthest couple is coming from Indianapolis…we are very blessed to have such amazing family and friends!

He said I didn’t have to do much crafting for his party…which is good because I wasn’t planning on it…I did come up with a couple of decorations…but we are keeping it real simple.

Ella Kate is back in preschool…and I am getting things ready for the big party and doing some cleaning around the house. We are still trying to decide which program to use at Adsit for marketing…so I haven’t jumped in that full throttle yet. We are suppose to set up a webinar next week. I know Don isn’t as excited about the second program as the first…the accountants wanted us to look at the second one. But anyway…hopefully we can get it figured out soon and I can start working. I start my flowers next week and have a month to do them.

We are expected to get some heavy snow Sunday…I hope we do…ain’t nothing like starting spring flowers with snow on the ground! Which has happened the last 2 years!

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