I got yet another new job…with Adsit again. I am pretty excited about it and it will keep me busy and out of the nursery and back in the house. Woot. I am going to be running the chemical department’s computer program. Michael and his boss went to Nashville last Tuesday to review the program…see if they are interested in it…and on the way home Don suggested that I run it. Double woot. I am going to a webinar at Adsit on Monday to see how it works and figure out what computer they want me to use….I would really like a laptop, but I don’t know if they will go for it. Anyways, I am pretty excited and will have more of a steady paycheck. We will be talking about that as well, not sure if I will still be a contractor or an employee… More on that later.

Ella Kate went to a follow up asthma appt. after her latest attack, where I heavily complained about the pulmicort. Our deductible starts over next year, and the pulmicort costs $665.00 a month. I wouldn’t feel that bad paying for it, if I actually see it work, but she has been on it 4 months now, and still has had at least 2 attacks per month. So he gave us another option, which everyone loves…Flovent. Its $500 cheaper, doesn’t take 20 minutes to administer…and is just easier all around. Woot. I also have been doing research on alternative approaches and have introduced three different things to her diet:

Dairy – all her dairy will be organic…there is a HUGE relationship between asthma + pasteurized milk. I have drastically cut back on her dairy anyways because of previous pooping problems…so I am hoping that we will see a change in the number of asthma attacks with these changes.

Probiotics – pasteurized milk goes through so many heatings and coolings that it kills all the good bacteria we need. So I am adding probiotics to her diet to help balance that issue out.

Omega 3 – these are little capsules with Omega 3 in it….I gave her one this morning and she ate it and spit out the capsule. Its like a vit. E capsule. This vitamin reduces airway inflammation and reactivity.

This is an interesting article on the subject, for those who care (Mom)

And here are the Christmas pictures from the photo shoot at Thanksgiving!

and the winner:

We have a big week coming up…as most of you know Christmas is next week. My parents are having a bunch of Strachans at their house tomorrow for lunch…horns and guitars will be played I believe. EK has a big gymnastics camp next week that she is super duper excited for! Christmas Eve service and we are spending Christmas day with my parents and some extended family. I think we are waiting to do the Pooles side when Sarah and Jeremy and the girls are here…but that is yet to be determined!

Anyway…enjoy the Holidays!!

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