Santa Round 2…Asthma Round who knows what…

This past weekend Mimi and I took the girls to her church for a little Santa party. They got pictures with Santa, made snowflakes, cookies, played games, and made some reindeer food…and had an overall good time!

And yesterday Ella Kate came home from preschool with a hellacious cough…which turned into a full blown asthma attack. I debated about taking her to the ER overnight…but decided to wait it out until I could talk with her allergist. They wanted us to go see them first…and they gave her some oral steroids and a breathing treatment. We have now added some sort of antihistamine to her medicine regime. I have been telling them that every time she gets a runny nose, within a day or two it goes into her chest and she has an attack. That has happened every TIME! So I am praying that this new medicine will catch her before it goes to her chest. We shall see. We go back to the allergist on the 13th for a recheck and reassessment. Currently, I have begun hoarding all prescriptions and samples as I get them…as our deductible turns to 00 on 01/11. Nice.

So today was suppose to have been my last day at the Stockyard…but I called in with her asthma stuff and yesterday was my last day. I am unsure if I will be returning in January…I am thinking I will not…if he wants me for the spring flowers…then we shall see. Its just REALLY boring and REALLY cold now.

Oh and for anyone wondering…EK weights 29 pounds and is 38″ tall. Everywhere I go, I hear how tall she is. Apparently she is tall.

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